Visit our beautiful Town!!

The Town of Dundas was originally incorporated by Royal Assent in July 1847 and grew as an independent entity until it was amalgamated with the City of Hamilton in January 2001.

 The Town is situated in the beautiful Dundas Valley and has over 1200 hectares of protected Conservation lands managed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority. In 2008/9 the HCA prepared a 50 Year Strategy designed to establish a firmer foundation for securing the future of this valued urban wilderness.

The Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton has prepared a Dundas Community Profile which describes the unique social characteristics of Dundas in terms of population, labour force, food security and United Way agencies.

 The Town has a rich history which can be explored through the Dundas Valley Historical Society and the Dundas Museum and Archives.

 The Downtown Dundas Business Improvement Area represents the local businesses and encourages the growth of our local economy. Their website contains a Business Directory, information on key local contacts, the Dundas Farmers Market and where to shop and dine in Dundas.

Here's our beautiful green valley seen from Google's satellite


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