This is the first step, to raise your level of understanding of the key issues facing us both globally and locally.  There are some terrific resources available to us.

Cuddle up with a bowl of popcorn and watch some of the excellent documentaries available, many at our local library or come out to our community meetings,  become informed and enlightened by some of the wizards walking among us.


The dilemma: energy, fossil fuels and climate change

We have collected some introductory resources on this web site in the key areas which describe the dilemma we face. We need energy to run our lives and our economy. The bulk of that energy comes from fossil fuels which have two main problems; firstly, burning fossil fuels is contributing to negative climate change and secondly, fossil fuels are becoming increasing scarce and expensive to extract.

There is a third issue which is interlinked with energy and climate change and that is economic instability. We have seen major upheavals in the past two years, with the prospect of more to come. If energy prices continue to climb (as we expect, given scarcity) what will be the economic impacts?

So as you do your learning, look at the changing events and look for linkages; test ideas on how these are converging into a new economic and social order that supports the ideas of the need for Transition. 

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